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Why does sex have to be so expensive I Want For A Man

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Why does sex have to be so expensive

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Read Later. That would be the one component that causes a higher price.

Video cameras with 35mm size sensors are very expensive. As Anthony pointed out, larger sensors are more costly to produce. Analog to digital converters are a dime a sed.

Source s: DigitPro Pro-abilitytothink. Add a comment. Most Expensive Dslr Camera.

The biggest factor is the sensor. The size of an SLR sensor is several orders of magnitude larger than a camcorder or point and shoot camera. The doe size of the sensor reduces the number of sensors off a large chip, called the "yield. Next add in specialized systems not hafe on point and shoots: You also have to have a signal processing chip system to handle tens of megabytes of data per second, convert it from RAW to jpeg and write the data, virtually instantly.

Wanting Nsa Sex Why does sex have to be so expensive

By comparison, a camcorder has to work with a lot less data because the resolution is much lower. So, in addition to the one component, the sensor, you've also got to factor in all the supporting elements.

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All of these factors make SLRs expensive. Note though that prices are dropping. A camcorder only has a couple of megapixels.

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An SLR has a much bigger sensor with several times the pixels. Also, a camcorder usually has just a couple of simple shooting modes.

An SLR has a whole range of various tto. Put simply, the SLR is a Will you suck this more complex. The lens will even have the skill to manually concentration.

This develop in high quality and advantageous properties interprets to a extra robust fee to fabricate. The DSLR will additionally oftentimes have a much wider selection of settings obtainable, which skill extra in intensity application progression paintings, which back, interprets right into a extra robust fee to fabricate.

Well, first expdnsive all you are comparing apples and oranges. But I suppose there are 2 big Why does sex have to be so expensive why the sticker price is so high. The first is that customers who do pay for it, will pay big money Sweet women seeking nsa Spartanburg it. P2P networks and usenet are bulging with pirated porn and much of the legitimate stuff is also passed around and handed down.

Although I can think of counterexamples like the recent Google v.

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Instead of milking every single consumer for revenue, they seem content to allow the sharing and charge the initial buyers a hefty premium. What grouse said.

I Want Dating Why does sex have to be so expensive

Where's the rule that says the price you charge for a product should be in line with the cost of production? Because if it's not, someone else can undercut your prices while remaining profitable? In about three days we paid off the purchase price of the film, and the rest was pure profit.

In other words, porn costs what it costs because people will pay what it costs to get it.

Why many generic drugs are becoming so expensive - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publishing

This is economics in its simplest form. As people have already stated, porn is expensive because people will pay.

I think pay per view is also skewing those numbers somewhat. At our local rental place, adult movies costs maybe an extra buck a day over new releases and the DVDs are not new.


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BUT you have to check them out with a real person which may be too big a hurdle for some people. PPV is in your house, aex anonymous and has that quick-fix aspect to it, similar to online porn sites which also seem to have very high one week subscription fees and lower monthly fees. They're assuming they'll see a lot of cash from horny people looking for a quick peek.

"The Girlfriend Experience" is the most expensive service a man can buy. However, sex workers have recently revealed that "The Girlfriend Experience So it looks like men don't just crave the sex act itself, but they actually. We All Know That Dating Is Expensive–But How Much Are You So when it comes to the cost of sex & dating, where exactly do you stand?. I just can't believe 6 condoms cost 7£ in the UK. In my opinion, that encourages people to have unsafe sex and might help STDs to spread.

I bet if there were a Netflix like similarly easy, similarly priced, does such a thing exist? BlueCinea division of GreenCine. Only if your customers are interested enough in cheaper goods. The PPV and rental of porn is dying because of the availabilty and price of Internet porn.

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I'll field this one-- I used to work in the marketing department for a cable company designing flyers and I've even been through the Spice product Soes PPV porn is an impulse buy. It's hardly marketed beyond mention in the chanel line-up and the bumpers that run constantly on the porn channels when you don't have an active purchase.

And you don't need to risk offense by advertising it-- everyone knows it's there just from the light advertising it gets because it's porn and you notice it.

Sex Workers Open Up About The Most Expensive Service Men Pay For

As such, the price can be higher than standard movies-- families plan evening activities around regular pay-per-view and will go to the video store if the price is too high. But PPV porn is generally purchased by men who have recently ecided that they are horny and want to watch something while they masturbate.

Therefore, PPV porn is priced just below what the industry thinks will prevent horndogs from ordering it. And regional customer service operations know a few customers by name who consistently order porn and expensuve call 10 minutes later to try and get it removed from their bill.

Supply your own narrative. People pay for porn?

I heard that average length of time a PPV movie is "on" the motel tv is 12 minutes.