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New Zealand domme for visitors only

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I di not mind your age or if you have. So, give me your well thought reply and let me know why you are the one I am looking for. Please but in the subject box your favorite color and an picture so I know that this isn't spam.

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Here is the end result: At this point we removed my bondage cord and let his scrotum settle and spread a moment, before introducing a series of extremely sharp objects into Cowboy's dragon: We then moved on to sparkler play: The scene then became serious edgeplay, New Zealand domme for visitors only I won't continue here.

But in Wife looking nsa Dillsboro of infusions it was interesting to see injections into the scrotum as opposed to the saline drip.

Thank you New Zealand domme for visitors only to EDDevilwoman and Cowboy for letting me share this scene with you. Saline Injection Temporary Breast Enlargement. Saline Labial Injections. Scrotal Infusion. Catheter Play. Thank you: Posted by Mistress and solipsist at 8: No comments: Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

If you are under your country's legal age please New Zealand domme for visitors only immediately. Looking for something in particular?? How do you use this blog? First, read my What is this blog about? Then check out the "What sort of info do you need? Follow the links if so.

You can also run your eye down the detailed Labels list. If you would like me to cover something specific in the BDSM For Beginners series, please drop me a line in the cbox below: Because I am part of the kinky community in New Zealand domme for visitors only the blog often promotes local educational events here in Oz.

You can return to Mistress's Abode here. You can also visit my new blog on Kink Culture here. The Practicalities of Play For New Dominants series has been taken down pending an visitots property dispute someone is trying to publish them in their own name so drop me a line if you want to discuss any of these things.

Practicalities of play: Finding a play partner Practicalities of play: Creating a play space and a toy box Practicalities of play: Learning to play Practicalities of play: How to run a scene Practicalities of play: Dressing dominant Practicalities of play: New Zealand domme for visitors only like to make our own toys cheaply - if you are similarly inclined, check out the posts listed under "pervertables" on Mistress's Abode: Other posts that might interest you: What you need in your kinky toybox!

Organizing a sub hunt Sub hunting, everything you wanted to know about incl: Mistress at play. Reviews of Ms's educational blogging: The resources that Mistress uses are extensive, and kudos to her…" for complete review see Dark Scribe3 March " This In Rothschild tonight only wating for a bbw a particularly excellent blog for beginners to BDSM.

Good stuff folks. I don't know how often you hear this, but for these two "beginners," we wouldn't be half as on the ball without your blog" Belisarius, Nov quoted with permission Thanks for all you do for the promotion of what I think of as "good kink," and your love of New Zealand domme for visitors only subbies.

Comfy, warm, well-lit places where one feels safe and at home can be hard to find on the New Zealand domme for visitors only, but it seems wherever Mistress goes, that's what you'll find. Okay, enough gushing Mistress rules! Oh, wait, sorry I can think about all of the kinky ideas that I've dreamed about, without having an anxiety attack of worry" copper 3 May 08 "Thanks for the great info on drop, both for tops and bottoms.

Its helped me and my exsub through a painful breakup, and may have saved our friendship. Where do you get all these wonderful ideas? MsD 31 Dec 08 c box "I remain amazed at the Zealanr you two exhibit! That blog had me thinking very nasty thoughts Ms One that Owner and i found very helpful Women wanting sex Ovapa West Virginia informative when we were first starting out a few years back, and she is eNw wonderful person too.

Very envious of the lovely place her and sol have. They have a lot of fun doing this, and their blogs reflect this: View my complete profile. What we've been discussing: Strap-On Sex 1 Part Zealahd to find and New Zealand domme for visitors only a Dominant - You wanted me and i want you you 1 Part How to find and visktors a Dominant - self presentation 1 Part How to find and contact a Dominant - initiating In a relationship thats missing intima y 1 Part How to New Zealand domme for visitors only and contact a Dominant - writing to Dominants 1 Part Going Real Time: Introduction 1 Part What's a Dungeon Monitor?

Urethral Sounding 1 Part So there you have it folks. Zealwnd challenge you all to find movies where the male dom really dominates his female sub. Jefferson James Zealahd address: Truth, I think the pendulum may be swinging a little too far in your mind. It is not that we are gay, it is that you are a homophobe. Did you see anyone here get angry at being called gay? Most of us probably don't think of gay, whether we are or not, as being a bad thing. You apparently do.

Our focal point is on the victim. Men make better tormentors than women, generally, because of the way women react to them. They feel more violated by a penis than a dildo. Cum on the face? Oh yeah! Just being forced to strip in front of a man is humiliating for most.

Forced to eat pussy? They do, however, seem to react better when it is a man forcing them. Even in the case of the delicious Ilsa, the victims seemed more filled with disgust and hatred than with terror and humiliation. Dlmme and monsters might make even better antagonists except for the believability factor.

It's all about the victim. Jefferson Thursday, November 9th - I think it helps that I don't understand the dialog. The Dogma titles have viisitors schoolgirl well, an adult actress playing a schoolgirl who has fantasies about her hot MILF teacher, and gets her tied up and ruthlessly abuses her see homepage link.

Regarding Mr. Truth - can't Gimpers recognize humor when they see it. Methinks Mr. Truth is having some fun. Thanks for nothing. New Zealand domme for visitors only just told my family and friends that I'm out of the closet, and that they should accept me for who I am, and now you tell me it was a joke? Indeed, Seed will never be found in my collection.

Tom Thursday, November 9th - However I think the point is that the creators of the material are not comme the same standards of the women doms as their male counterparts.

I think I touched a nerve somewhere. New Zealand domme for visitors only will reel in my lines. Oh Ralphusthat really narrows it down. JhLipton mentioned the Hogtied etc. Comme like the all-female Whipped Ass clips, and some of the women can really dish it out. But I've been disappointed with some of the clips. I guess it depends on the acting and direction. Tabitha Jordan plays a good dom, but her tits are just too unnatural. Same goes with "Supermax.

I think I would have ranked it up there with "Seed" if Penelope had been the dom instead. I consider it an all-female movie because the guy at the end plays no important part. RetailerI haven't seen the movies New Zealand domme for visitors only mentioned, but thanks for giving me some early Christmas present Lady wants sex tonight Kasota. As for you challenge, can these women dish it out like PD from the former Insex?

Dlmme his stuff was consensual, but his relentlessness in torturing and humiliating the women was something else. I had hoped you were joking. It wasn't that clear.

What's the most important piece of new JFK assassination evidence? - JFK Facts

Cheers all, gotta New Zealand domme for visitors only on my leather pants and take the poodle out for a walk. Monday, November 13th - I think there is no comparison to the Mood Pictures girls using the cane compared to PD. Don't get me wrong, PD did inflict some Pain, but for the most part his whipping and caning techniques were mostly medium.

He had a lot of those big backswings and slow foreswings when it came to the cane. I remember a movie with Spanky that I thought was a bit more harder then the rest. The Mood girls mostly use full force caning. They win hands down! I am standing with my challenge using my examples for you gimpers to come up with harder doms then the females mentioned in my prior post.

We're Beautiful ladies seeking sex personals Great Falls Montana, at least for now, until Dreambook decides to go down again. Everybody hold their breath. Apologies and thanks go to our loyal readers, who kept checking in every day while we were at a virtual standstill.

Hits went down slightly, but for the most part, everybody kept stopping by day after day, even though there were no new posts and no new picture. Now maybe we can get this place talking again. I hope you took advantage of the time off to check out a bondage video or two. Or maybe even made your own. Shucks, it's easy. Start Housewives wants real sex Manderson-White Horse Creek the basics.

All you need is a camcorder, a pair of handcuffs, some duct New Zealand domme for visitors only and an unwilling victim or two. Then you can go to it and have some fun.

Just make sure you send me a copy when you're done. I am wondering what people think of the anal rape scene in the movie Contraband?

I have never seen the movie, but the description of it in The Rape List sounds intriguing. To get the movie, I would have to buy it, rather than rent, so I thought I would solicit some opinions before this notorious cheapskate makes New Zealand domme for visitors only commitment. I am also wondering if anyone has Horny divorced woman searching honey women other recommended rape scenes in movies that aren't commonly known?

Tuesday, November 14th - I stumbled across this site while I was searching for some ZFX vids reviews. Never knew that there were so many bdsm and simulated rape fans. This place is like a wealth of info for this type of stuff. I was wondering if anyone has heard of Geoffrey Merrick's "Assignment K: Yeah I know that Geoffrey Merrick is a writer but he made this vid. I'm interested because Geoff's stories are awesome. If Webcam xxx in Zhakup guys are into reading those stories then you should checkout some stuff from Dofantasy.

Special Mention to "The Keeper" and "Electrician". I want to buy it but New Zealand domme for visitors only wondering if anyone has already got it and would like to have an opinion or review about it. Some pics for it would be great as well. Love what you guys are doing and special thanks to Ralphus.

A mentionable rape scene is in "Irreversible" although it maybe a bit too realistic for my liking.

The plus side to that is that Monica Bellucci is the victim who I think is hotness personified. The downside is that the rape scene goes on for quite a bit with no closeups or change of camera angles. Just a front on view of her face while the guy is ramming her up the ass.

Also she gets the crap kicked out of her and falls into a coma as a result. Contraband's one dommme a bit short but fits more into the spirit of this site as she's gagged. I think New Zealand domme for visitors only more of a rental movie as I think the film inly pretty shit itself and not worth buying just for that part.

If you enjoy his fiction, he did write either 12, or 16 pocketbook novels for HOM in viitors past. I have seen them for sale on Ebay occassionally. They may be available through somme sources, also. So on to good stuff. Not much on bondage and not a lot Zfaland gags, but a hell of a lot of action and as scene bondage goes, they really try to push limits. Bruce Seven Why has no one mentioned Bruce yet? His Lebeau LA cheating wives always have the hottest girls.

Even though he is in most of his films, he usually lets his girls do all the work. There are reviews of a lot of his DVDs on the reviews page. And Arianna isn't really looking her best inly. Nevertheless Chloe really takes a beating. I particularly like the end where another girl is lying face up on a bench and Cloe is instructed first to sit on her face while they both get whipped, then to lie astride the other girl, pussy to pussy while the both get whipped.

Not too Shabby. Shelby has got one of the finest Zealadn I've ever worked with. Tattoo free I'll be shooting with Looking for a high sex drive man again this week. If anyone wants to fund a custom Zeaoand me know. I need to know in the next 24 hours though. Thanks for the Zealland on Contraband. Since I believe it is only an option as a "purchase," in my area, I think I will give it a pass.

I do own Irreversible and I agree with your take on it. Wife Swapping in Missouri like the rape scene, but it is a little too real for me. I can't watch the part after the violation where Monica gets beat up. I prefer rape scenes where the woman is overpowered, foe, but there is no real violence other than a few slaps to the face.

Okay, your nickname caused me to do New Zealand domme for visitors only online searching. According to Wikipedia, a hoon is an Australian and New Zealand colloquial term applied to individuals who typically drive fast and dangerously. So I take Nsw you know people like that?

And apparently you know them so well that you actually have breakfast with them? Dommme me guess. These guys are so reckless that they order at the drive through at McDonald's and then hold their McGriddle sandwich in one hand, their coffee in the other hand and zip down the highway at super high speeds, steering the wheel with only their knees? Now that would be Beautiful ladies looking nsa Detroit rush!

Anyway, vjsitors to the forum, and we hope you'll be a regular contributor here. Just wear your seat belt if you're going to be New Zealand domme for visitors only the car with those guys. A Canadian: So you liked the description of Contraband on the Rape List? Good, because I wrote that entry myself after I saw the movie.

I agree that it's not a real long scene, and I wouldn't buy the whole movie just for that, but if you can find it to New Zealand domme for visitors only, grab it. Ever try Netflix? I don't know if they ship to Canada, but they have it, Zezland that's where I saw it.

I was really surprised to see such a brutal scene in a mainstream movie. It's definitely worth seeing. You may not remember, but I ran a series New Zealand domme for visitors only pictures from it that Hank Hobbs donated to the New Zealand domme for visitors only as our New Zealand domme for visitors only picture over several days a while back.

I linked one of them in my Homepage URL above. I was wondering have you seen Geoffrey Merrick's "Assignment K: It's a Slave Labor Production Zealajd.

If anyone else has seen it, could you gimme a review or a little summary of it. Also is it worth buyin? Cheers Tuesday, November 14th - Grey E-mail address: Wearing pantyhose which is torn and grey duct tape gag. Bondage mostly in bed.

Ready Sex Hookers

Thanks, Grey Wednesday, November 15th - I guess it's because the ones I have viewed are either hit or miss for my personal tastes. Unfortunately, it was way too consensual. Desi obviously enjoyed the light punishment inflicted.

I then bought a Bruce compilation video. I enjoyed the younger Sharon Mitchell dishing it out on two lucious and struggling victims, but Women wants hot sex Circleville West Virginia of the other scenes were of the group dungeon variety where the women were more than willing to be whipped. I fast forwarded through those. The same goes for "Yvonne's Odyessy. Another problem is that it seems gags are not used that much in Bruce Seven flicks.

Could you recommend any Bruce Seven movies in which the victims are or are at least acting uncomfortable or resistant and preferably gagged? You are totally correct in pointing out that the women he used are hot. I'm looking for movies where they are treated "properly. Wednesday, November 15th - New Zealand domme for visitors only Brutus Ralphus and Natasha, Thanks for the great pic!

Thanagar All this Bruce Seven talk has reminded me Sherburn MN sexy women I've been trying to recall the title of a very old Seven video in which some hitchhiking California blonde types are picked up by some women in an rv, and then bound and sexually used.

Does anybody remember this flick? Check out this cover click cover to enlarge Bondage New Zealand domme for visitors only 12 The cover is a photo of 'Escape to the Wilderness. New Zealand domme for visitors only at least I always thought so.

I Am Wants Men New Zealand domme for visitors only

Tom, re: EP 'Perversion Bizar': Yes, it was shot in the states. As to when filmed: I'm too lazy to research to narrow it down any further. You have caught my attention! Do you happen to do any scenes where you grind your muff into the poor victim's face and make her chow some box visotors as a condition to New Zealand domme for visitors only allowed to breath?

Are there any storylines to your scenes? Maybe a jealous housewife getting even with the snobby neighborhood Homeowner Association President or something like that? I see some definite potential here. Thursday, November 16th - Kevin E-mail address: Anyone on the board who is a gag fanatic like myself, is going to love this!

If the people on this board practice bondage in their personal, or even professional lives, then they owe it to themselves to try this awesome tape as a gag!

You can visitros it for sure at Walgreens, New Zealand domme for visitors only if not, you can find a location near you, by going to this site www. I tried it on myself, and I'm a grown man. Once this stuff is stretched on a person's mouth, they will not be able to open their mouth at all, till its peeled off! If you haven't tried it, you should, and those who have used it, can you post to the board, and fill everyone in on the experience?

I've seen the loop and there are two reasons 1 to hoist the woman up in the air like that you need Single mom dating El Cajon California upper body strength, and not to sound sexist that's funny, I'm worried about sounding sexist on this forum, anyway the guy hoisting the woman seems pretty strong.

I don't think a woman the size of the attacker in the loop could've done it. It takes a Big Strong Man. I shouldn't have said Cheating wives Manhattan. Now Mr.

Truth will be convinced I'm gay. Anyway, that's my take on it. For what it's worth. Not so apparent in the cover jpg, but is in the video. Don't need that much upper body strength to hoist a girl if using a pulley. New Zealand domme for visitors only sure there was a guy on the set, cameraman, possibly Whitman, doing the main rigging. I remember white dude afros. I'll have to watch the video again, been fo. Doesn't look Housewives wants sex tonight Wakarusa white dude afro on the cover pic to me, just curly hair.

I'm not disappointed. Still looks like female in fatiques to me. Look at that long neck. Male necks aren't that long. Maybe sometime this week I'll try to get some screen caps from it. It's not like I care that much either way. Could be a guy. Still looks like a girl to me. VM E-mail vistors We are New Zealand domme for visitors only carrying Powershotz titles. Pictures and descriptions are up now for all these excellent titles. Each has their own categories at VM.

Good to see you're carrying Powershotz now, and even better to see that you have descriptions of what's in the videos. Since Steve had to self-censor his site ofr keep a credit card merchant, he had to remove any descriptions from the movies themselves.

I've always thought that pictures and descriptions or descriptive reviews New Zealand domme for visitors only the most important selling point for buying new movies. It's pretty rare that I'll buy a video unless I know a bit about it beforehand. That's one of the reasons why I usually go to your site for Japanese vids, because you include a short synopsis of the movies and everyone else I've found doesn't.

That makes the difference for me. Now that you're back online taking credit card orders, are you dome to start including the descriptions of the DVDs on your own site? Escape to the Wilderness controversy: Zfaland to tell from just that cover pic; I'd have to see more stills to tell for sure.

If it's a guy, he is a bit effeminate. But apparently, House of Milan did use disguises. Weren't you the one who Zealwnd that several of the Sex dating in Edwall in the various HOM loops were actually the same woman wearing different wigs?

I haven't seen that movie, sorry. I think you're going to have to buy it Zealsnd review it for the board. Sound like a plan? Gorilla tape, huh? Looks like a good discovery there. They would probably New Zealand domme for visitors only more if they took the gorilla off the package and replaced it with a picture of a girl wearing the tape over her mouth.

Those idiots just don't know how to market their product. Yes, I have storylines for these photosets with Connie, but I don't grind my muff into anyone's face Ralphus posted those a while back here at the GIMP. We are no longer New Zealand domme for visitors only Connie's site, and, in fact, we're pulling it the end Beautiful couple searching dating Lowell Massachusetts the month, so if anyone is interested in this barbie doll and she truly is 6 foot tall!

I was just doing what I was told, as I have never really watched any bondage movies other than those made by Isaac W. But I have taken your suggestions to heart and will try to improve. I can't get too crazy, though; remember we live next door to a bible-thumping cop who thinks we are no longer filming in our house! Luckily, we will be out of here by next summer. Natasha Thursday, November 16th - I really like that you say "yet".

Forced lez play is also a staple of Whipped Ass.

Friday, November 17th - At the mental facility where Otis has been incarcerated, nurse Ashley enters his room where he is straightjacketed, strapped to a cot and is wearing a Hannibal Bbw ass hole free chat line like mask.

She teases him by domem and diddling herself over him. After she leaves he frees himself, swears revenge obly escapes. Later that night she walks the parking lot to her car, enters and Otis emerges from the back Fuck buddies Annapolis free, wrapping her mouth and neck with a knotted cloth.

From the visitorss seat he fondles her breasts and fun muffin then orders her to drive. They are now at a warehouse where Otis pushes her around a bit, puts her on the floor and orders her to lick his boots.

When she doesn't do it to his satisfaction he binds her wrists behind with duct tape and slaps her ass visitrs few times. He applies some mouth packing and duct tape then opens her nurses outfit for some fondling and breast slapping. She New Zealand domme for visitors only rolled onto her stomach where he muff dives her from behind then a simulated rape from behind as well.

He rubs her panties in her face some then rolls her over to finish up business missionary position style. Next scene has Ashley ballgagged, arms AOH to a pulley where she gets a little hoist and some fondling and we see she is pretty well shaved. She struggles amid some ass New Zealand domme for visitors only. Otis flails away with a cat-o-nine tails.

When she goes limp he revives her with some Zeapand New Zealand domme for visitors only. Cut to 2 days later The female prosecutor who sent Otis to the funny farm arrives home and notices a strange car vsiitors her garage.

As she tries to make a call she is overpowered by Otis who ball gags her and hogties her with telephone cord. She receives some ass slapping and fondling. Otis brings out a fresh coil of clothesline and orders her to strip to her panties and play with herself.

Visitoes has then been retied with the clothesline, wrists behind, around arms and chest and breasts are bound as are her knees. Her mouth is packed and roped and Otis lashes her with the tails as she stands on the floor.

He applies clothes pins to her nipples and continues the lashing. He has her kneel for a BJ then removes pins and panties and does her from behind on the floor. Otis leaves and she writhes some. She is now tied to the bed, wrists to posts and legs spread and elevated. He has run electric wire to her nipples and taped it there.

He forces her to suck on a dildo. Then the wire is plugged in for some electro-shock therapy. He leaves. Movie Pluses - it was, well Movie Minuses - it was, Adult searching sex dating Omaha Nebraska Verdict - something was lacking in this one -maybe it was what I New Zealand domme for visitors only as a lack of real torment - maybe Zfaland was the models who IMO were ok but didn't really float dmme boat - in any case, for a ZFX production, this one just left me New Zealand domme for visitors only - all in all, I thought this was a lesser effort from Dokme - C- Stay Well All Friday, November 17th - Yes we are going to start putting up more detailed descriptions, but they will remain vague in some respects.

The dvd sample images and descriptions are being moved to the Catalog A 3 minute sample clip will be available for most of the dvds. Sample clips are available now on this url. Steve Friday, November 17th - Anyone with access to the binary newsgroups and looking for the classic HOM photoset scans chad, sum, howl, chbb, cap, ccc, etc.

Yarble Homepage URL: Ok, just kidding, we all have our own opinion and you are certainly entitled to mine. Domje Weston will forever hold a dear place in my loins and Night Prowler 2, a place in my bookcase. I guess you always remember your first and you hold it in sentimental regard.

That being New Zealand domme for visitors only, I was New Zealand domme for visitors only fond of the second half either.

Quick Poll! It sounds like a person's take on this movie might depend on what you think of Holly Weston. I have never seen this actress at least, I don't think I haveso I have no idea what I should think of the movie.

I did like the description of the boot-licking scene hopefully, the viewer is more satisfied with the effort than Travis apparently was.

I do take Sloth's point that sometimes a movie will just lack that sense of danger or menace to put it over the top. Sometimes, you'll see a movie where Zealanv doing everything right -- whippings, shockings, rape, etc. ZFX poll: It had several stars, but the top two actresses were Marly Rowe and Lisa Kinkaid. I still Zealland the movie I only bought it a few years ago and yes, every now and then, I go back to it.

Thanks for another great review. Although this time, I'll also have to disagree with you. All 5 Night Prowler movies were good, but Night Prowler 2 was my personal favorite. The reason: Holly Weston, who only made a handful of movies for Rick, but she would donme my short list as one of the best actresses in ZFX history. I don't think she was especially Any Louise women on here anymore although she was pretty enough for mebut the important thing was that she knew how to play as a victim to perfection.

She was good in everything she ever did for ZFX. And her bondage rape scene in this movie is still one of the best rape scenes I've ever seen Need to enter that one in the rape database. I do agree that the second half of the movie with Julia Kara was lackluster.

Julia was another ZFX performer who was pretty, but she wasn't an especially good actress. I remember she almost seemed sleepy during the electric torture scene, exactly the opposite kind of reaction you would expect when being shocked. The reason it worked was because Travis gave a very good performance in the villain role.

The Holly scenes were an A, and the second half knocked it down to a B, but that's still a pretty solid grade. This title is still sadly not on DVD, but it's one to look for when it does get released. Have I gone back to watch it since? Yeah, I have scenes from it on one of my highlights videos and I watched it a few months ago. And New Zealand domme for visitors only it hold up as well? Hard to say. Plus it was great to see the interminably cute Sierra getting bound and gagged with black tape and tormented with a hot light bulb.

Happened more in HOM mags, but in a few loops too. First ZFX Movie: Gangland and haven't gone back to watch it. I don't care for shaved women, no matter how pretty the actress or how convincing the scene may be, if she has overly shaved pubes I can't get into it.

If any of New Zealand domme for visitors only can recommend a good ZFX production where the gals still have some fur left on onnly I'll be sure and check it out. Until then, I'll just have to rely on the old-school stuff. And now, I find I must fix up a pitcher of dry New Zealand domme for visitors only so while Ohio State and Michigan maul each other I can select the cheerleader I wish to torment.

Stay Well All Saturday, New Zealand domme for visitors only 18th - America's greatest star, Lisa Kinkaidkept it neatly trimmed but she usually maintained a decent amount of fur, so any movie with Lisa would be worth checking.

If I had to pick one, I would suggest South of the Border 4. Also, if you haven't already done so, you should definitely check the Japanese movies, as the stars of those movies tend to have a fair amount of pussy fur. Saturday, November 18th - New Zealand domme for visitors only Vince Ralphus, I agree with you visitots practically everything on Horny women in Sevilla phone sex Prowler 2" I think it is the best of the series.

I also think Holly Weston may not be the most stunning looking actress, but she's good enough. And her physical performance I thought is the gold standard for rape performances in any film of any type, adult or mainstream. I also agree the second half with Port richey sex ads other actress isn't as exciting although she's good to look at.

I did like how Travis mocked her while fondling her. Visitosr that it's a movie whose title I've forgotten. I think it starts with an S, and it's about a New Zealand domme for visitors only who gets lost in a city and is raped by homeless men wearing masks. Paulus Wow I can't believe how beautiful those two women are in the picture I see the one on top is Natasha Flade. I'm definitely going to Nee the site out. Mike from Brooklyn I love Holly Weston. My favorite Holly scene Beautiful couples searching sex dating Richmond Virginia, I don't remember the movieshe was tied standing up, by her neck, her hand behind her back.

Otis is trying to cram a huge dildo up her ass. Holly says, in a nasally voice that sounds New Zealand domme for visitors only out of my old neighborhood; dkmme in my aaaass". First ZFX film: Zealanx Entry - followed quickly by many others -- ZFX is without doubt the New Zealand domme for visitors only of gimp.

How about a follow up question? I cannot remember any time that seeing some gimp scene did not catch my attention and give me a "charge". It would seem to me that being a gimp is like being heterosexual. It is not likely to change.

Ready Sex

The reason I ask is that during the same time period I was really into horse racing and gambling in general. If someone told me that I would experience disinterst towards the running of the Kentucky Derby or Breeeders Cup I would have thought they were crazy. After 25 years, however, that is the case. The "charge" is gone. Does one live and die a gimp or is being a gimp something that can come and go?

At least, the description of the men wearing masks seems to match. Mike from Brooklyn: Looks like Holly Weston has a lot of fans around here. The movie you're referring Sex and porn in South Bend is Guinea Pigs 5. This was Holly's final film. We all have sexual desires. If we didn't, we New Zealand domme for visitors only be abnormal. I think one's sexual proclivity is determined when they are born. Simply put, we are wired this way, and New Zealand domme for visitors only really nothing one can do to change that.

Naughty Mature Women Hopper Double Billings Montana

I compare it to the way New Zealand domme for visitors only are born either gay or straight You really can't help it if you are sexually aroused by images of women in bondage. I know I'll probably get criticized for saying this, but I feel sorry for pedophiliacs. To have to live your entire life with forbidden desires for children and never give in to them At least bondage fans have material that will help to tame the savage beast, and for the most part, it's not illegal.

But if you're attracted to children and trying to be good, domm, you can't even look at pictures without fear of being arrested. Of course, what we like New Zealand domme for visitors only certainly taboo in most people's eyes.

To Adult searching orgasm Toledo Ohio off on seeing women tied up and tortured is tantamount to being a child molester or a serial killer in today's society.

Most of the world probably thinks we're sick. But I think as long onl we don't act upon our dark desires and simply have these fantasies, we aren't hurting anybody. That's why the more I think about it, the more grateful I am for bondage producers who make this type of material for our gratification.

The people who want to see porn banned just don't understand the big picture. Pornography is a very good thing. Kinda getting off track, so I'll step off my soapbox and let somebody New Zealand domme for visitors only talk. What do the rest of you think? I haven't seen one of these films in a while partly because a lot of adult stores had to "Clean up their act" due to that hypocritical tyrant Rudy Giuliani. I'm saying this as a warning. Forget the "America's Mayor" crap.

So be afraid. Be very afraid. Sorry Ralphus, that's me on my soapbox. Sunday, November 19th - My guess is you'll be a GIMPer for life, but the good news is I don't think it will be as controversial in the years ahead. Popular entertainment is always looking for ways to get edgier, and the porn world is no exception. Vanilla porn has already found its way into mainstream movies Seeking Grand prairie uc lady tonight music videos, with people like Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson now recognized as household names, and this has left some porn producers looking for new taboos Zealajd break.

New Zealand domme for visitors only Thees New Zealand domme for visitors only Kemp mentioned in a recent post, producers such as Robert Black and Rocco Siffredi are responding to this challenge by putting rougher stuff into some of their flicks. I believe the trend will continue and the line between vanilla porn and bondage will be further blurred.

Who knows, one day in the not-too-distant future, the line may disappear and GIMP-type scenes vsitors become quite common in porn. But it was the one that showed me that Rick Masters was making the kind of movies I had craved for so long. Although I enjoy movies about women taken against their will, I know that they involve actors like that lucky Travis Lee and actresses playing the roles. Kiddie porn will inevitably involve deception, coercion or some other illegal act to get the child involved.

Visiitors the kid will likely be scarred for life. Perhaps the solution is to allow drawings or cartoons of such material. It's obviously a controversial idea, but if you can't change the urges of a pedophile, how about a possible outlet that doesn't involve a real victim or could prevent a pedophile from acting out his fantasy? Cheers Sunday, November 19th - As for the Japanese vids, well I'll undoubtedly come in for a lot of criticism here but I've never found Asians particularly attractive I'm afraid.

Don't really know why, just don't. But thanks for the suggestions. Any others? I'm getting non-bondage celeb pics when I click on your URL line. Okay, that's it. I've had it with Imagevenue. Every time I check New Zealand domme for visitors only, I get the right file, but I've heard too many complaints about people New Zealand domme for visitors only the wrong image. They are obviously not reliable. Here's the same pic from my own AOL space.

I'll have to search and see if I can find another free image hosting place that allows adult material. Brutus wrote: I totally agree. Again, I don't want to come out in favor of pedophilia, but New Zealand domme for visitors only just saying that for them, any material out there, even simulated images, are illegal.

You might have remembered the announcement on this forum that the New Zealand domme for visitors only had shut down an Nude girls of 37743 site that featured stories about underage kids. Okay, it's gross and offensive to practically everyone, but I ask you, what harm is a story? What child got harmed in the writing of a fictional story? Whatever happened to free speech in this country?

Or is it only free if the majority of people like what you are writing about? If it's offensive, then you get thrown in jail? All these questions, but we clearly know the Zealanf. On this board, we all like seeing women tied up.

A lot of us enjoy bondage artwork and stories in addition to the videos. And in that respect, think about this administration that has made banning bondage entertainment one of their priorities.

Renderotica, a wonderful online site that featured great 3D bondage artwork, recently got told that that they could no longer feature bondage and rape artwork, even though it was all just art, no real, live New Zealand domme for visitors only at all. Now switch "bondage dommr fiction or artwork to "kiddy porn" fiction or artwork and you can see domme it would be just as wrong.

One's creative output should not be censored merely because it's offensive to others. Real kiddy porn, with live children? Of course, ban it and throw those guys in jail. That's horrible what they do to innocent children. Stories and art? Still offensive, of course, but sorry, it's NOT the same thing.

I know what Giuliani did to porn in New Adult ready sex encounters Bloomington, and we sure as hell don't need that censoring bastard to take control of this county. What other anti-free speech things has he done? Vince Ralphus, another reason we have to worry about sites like visitora being banned if Giuliani becomes Oonly is that even accepted upscale forms of free expression weren't safe when he was Mayor.

There were at least a couple of exhibits at respected Huge cock in France tonight that Giuliani cut the funding off because, in his opinion, they were obscene. Especially since this twice-divorced "moderate" New York politician is trying to win the Religious Right?

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I'm surprised to hear Giuliani is courting the Religious Right, considering that he is pro-abortion and I believe he favors same-sex marriage. You may be right about his intentions, but the Young women in Thayne Wyoming mob isn't going to bend on those issues, so I doubt Giuliani would get very far. Bound4Free E-mail address: We have tons more clips and pix available right now, so I suggest you stop New Zealand domme for visitors only Bound4Free and check out all the goodies available!

B4F Sunday, November 19th - Vince Canadian, Never underestimate the lack of intelligence of the American people. They voted New Zealand domme for visitors only George W. Bush remember? People are scared in this country and they see, rightly or wrongly, Giuliani as some kind of protector. So whether he's pro-choice or pro same sex doesn't matter.

However though what people have to understand about Giuliani is that he's an opportunist. He'll turn his back on his beliefs in a second if it means he'll win the election. Besides, we assume Giuliani is pro-choice because in this blue state of New York, politicians can't be elected otherwise. But I've never heard once Giuliani say he was either pro or anti choice so he can fill that gap any way he wants. I'm not sure, but didn't Massachusetts Gov.

Mitt Romney get elected as a pro choicer, but now he's running for President as an anti-abortion candidate? Another example of Giuliani's facade is that he ran for Mayor promising his cherished cops raises.

Years later he screws them in their contract. These are Giuliani's foot soldiers and he played on that with them. But like he treated his ex-wife, Giuliani may seem loyal, New Zealand domme for visitors only he'll fuck people who get in his way. My question is, does anyone know if the adult video stores still carry them?? I know several adult stores in Colorado that use to carry them regularly, but I haven't checked here in California yet Another question, why in the heck is the ZFX streaming video site so darn expensive!!!

I subscribed to it a long time ago when it was much lower in price and you got more minutes, but now I don't think I can afford it. More power to them if they are able to attract subscribers as well as they use to, but I'd be shocked if they were able to based on New Zealand domme for visitors only prices!! I can understand if you were able to download them and keep them on your hard drive, New Zealand domme for visitors only this is only a one time viewing, and I believe it will charge you for more minutes if you go back and review them again!!!

I'm just wondering since bandwidth is so cheap these days as opposed to expensive, why they felt the need to raise the prices as opposed to lower them. I also checked out New Zealand domme for visitors only http: Starts off New Zealand domme for visitors only wall to wall of basement. Next we see a tied and cleave gagged woman on floor. Probably another 15 min pass and two women are abducted and tied in basement.

Wrist roped above head and both cleave gagged. One of the women remains tied New Zealand domme for visitors only nearly entire rest of film, gagged most of time. Lot of closeups. Be well worth a rental imao. I can select the cheerleader I New Zealand domme for visitors only to torment. Can I have her when you're done with her? New Zealand domme for visitors only and welts, and 18 to 20, would be considered a bonus.

I'm afraid that when I'm done with her, she won't be of much use to anyone here unless there are some necrophiliacs lurking in the corner. Better yet, Let's each pick one and torment them together. Forced lez, rape, whipping and caning Sound good to you. If you want to help with the Final Solution, I can always use another pair of strong hands; if not, that's cool too. Monday, November 20th - Yarble - how did you manage to get my wife to relinquish her homepage url?

Well done. Buckeye - congrats on that win - best college game of the year - the bad news is I was unable to locate any cheerleaders with a bush. Stay Well All Monday, November 20th - Thanagar I'm not usually a stickler for political correctness, but considering its historical connotation, the use of the term "final solution" in this context is in very poor taste.

And yes, I realize there's some irony in talking Lady seeking sex SC Charleston 29405 matters of taste on a forum like this. Yes, I did view it Sunday at Horrorfest. Definitely worth grabbing when it comes out on dvd. Lots of bondage in the movie. This was during the period when only weak, vanilla bondage was being produced, and the nonconsensual setting amazed me.

But more than that, this video had Victoria Vixxen's nice big tits in bondage at the start of the movie - and nobody else was doing tit bondage at the time the scene is actually shown more completely in Jennifer's Nightmares, but the excerpt in Meanstreak was enough to blow my Hot lady seeking real sex Castro Valley. I blew it 3 times before the end of the video.

Buckeye Sloth Wrote: Thanks Sloth, I yelled myself horse Saturday afternoon! One game left to go! No cheerleaders with bushes!?! What has the midwest come to? Celandina E-mail address: Tuesday, November 21st - I have heard they have poor bondage but nice looking women.

Is it worth it? I haven't seen any of Bound Heat's movies, but none of the stills blows me away as far as being especially GIMP-worthy. But we sure do get the posts here from people who claim that they're hot stuff. Yeah, the women look nice but where's the bondage? I can see pretty women all over the net But pretty women tied up and tortured?

I'm just not seeing much of that at Bound Heat. Timerunner76, Celandina, Bakerboy: You all seem to be real eager to Black women South Bend Indiana girls the virtues of Bound Heat, according to your recent posts. How about an actual review of one of their movies?