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I Am Looking Real Dating Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed

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Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed

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Me:handsome blk male athletic build 6' tall. Seeking for someone who is interested in a fun evening out. Go w the flow Let's see what happens. Xttention yes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be over 21. Just thought it would be fun to textemail someone.

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I began to grind and he Crum WV bi horney housewifes all mine for a moment. Then, my Daddy said something to his Naughty Daughter, except I hadn't had those characters in mind and it threw me off and I lost my rhythm. We've been pretty consistently playing atention the Daddy thing lately, really having fun with it, I will be sharing more of that as well, don't you worry, but I was just in a different mental space last night and I was in wttention - until I wasn't.

Mind you, this was two loving married sick people trying to make each other happy and relaxed before getting a good night's rest. I realized thighe both of us were trying to be in charge to take care of the other one.

It wasn't a roleplay crisis, no communication breakdowns here. Just two people doing their best to be sexy for the other. He takes such incredible care of me. I'm really looking forward to a day in the near future when I get to tell him that Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed taking charge, and then I do.

I stood up and invited him to the space at the end of the bed. I spread my legs wide and put my hands on the floor in front of me. I wasn't sure if he'd take that as in invitation to play with my asshole littl smack my ass, but as should have been expected, he took it as an invitation to both. A few good hard spanks to each cheek and an index finger deep inside my asshole later, thiighs were back to fucking, deep and Yur and soon I was bending forward into my knees and elbows, animalistically taking lkttle cock from behind.

I felt like a tigress about to burst forth from my own skin and Horny girl North Kingstown came hard and hard again, a guttural growl deep in my throat turning into a nice sexy cough as litle finished.

I am going to warm that man up to a gorgeous pink and then drive his senses into overload with his first real spanking from his Wife and Mistress, Mrs.

But until then, I am so glad this little Abby has her Mr. W, her husband, her Daddy, her best friend in this amazing smutty life to care of her. I'm finally on Twitter Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed I need to fill up my Twitter feed with spankos in case Armageddon comes, so we can join together and rebuild the world. Can you help? Follow Me: Follow Mr.

As we continue to take pics of our playtime, I'll have bonus photos to post to Twitter, kjssed some additional fun content when I don't have time for full posts. Plus it's perfect for showing off little finds when we go out spank-tiquing when we look for pervertibles at antique stores or smut hunting.

I just got the account going again this week, I am fully open to follows and following. Here's some other stuff going on this weekend. We're calling this the Whiplist going forward, for any spanking related to-do's!

Make your own!

The first 11 years of my life I grew up on a farm. My cousin's house was on the same farm and about yards away from our house. Living out in the country had its plus and minuses. My First Time. by LairdsLust I was staying with my aunt Shirley for a month during my 14 th summer. I had fun playing with my cousins during those weeks out of school. I enjoyed spending time with my uncle and Aunt Shirley too. 3 part story Yr old Amber is spanked for violating dads rules, sex results then girl that supplied mj and vodka gets hers and finally girl that sold the mj meets her fate Read Go to the Bedroom and take off your Panties, free Incest Stories at

I discovered it on Twitter and am kised that there is something like this going on. I have a terrible head cold, so if I don't make it this week, next week for sure. The challenge this week is: When did you discover your own sexuality? For example, when was the first time you masturbated or realized you could feel physical sexual pleasure? When did you first feel sexual desire? How did you Housewives seeking nsa Dorset it?

W found one lot of 94 vintage erotica paperbacks listed on Craigslist locally and went to pick them Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed yesterday.

Because of my cold, we still haven't gone through them, but I peeked.

Stories Desired - Home of Over a Thousand Free Erotic Stories - Daddy's Little Girl Grows Up

Hot damn. If she only makes a B, even if she only misses by one or half a point, she has to receive a hand spanking in front of all her classmates. Married wives looking sex Milledgeville she makes a C, Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed is whipped with a cat o'nine tails, under that she receives a poisoned ivy whipping on the cunt or the ass hole.

If she has a 6, she will be whipped on the sex, and shall receive an enema of two pints with a normal size nozzle. The rest of the book describes the students failing at their grades and getting their ass-centric comeuppance.

It is surprisingly dirty in the best way. Plus I still want to do a write-up of both our Tuesday and Wednesday nights! Here's another shot from Wednesday, shows a little more of that rosy glow, although we do need to look at lighting for future shoots. This is one of the first pics Mr.

W took that night so my rear end is still flushed with pain and excitement. I crave this thing called Spanking. I want to live inside it, taste it, fuck it, be it, know it like an acolyte knows the meaning behind Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed meaning behind the meaning of a favorite prayer. Suddenly I'm writing again. I have ideas for stories. I'm putting together collections.

As you know, I've been more comfortable posting photos of myself as well, either spanked or just in celebration of the body and the bottom. W is working on a number of spanking-related projects that I hope to be sharing with you here soon. We've started going out smut hunting again, and looking for pervertibles, and just being in the mind-space all the time. It's starting to feel like we're always turned on. For too long, spanking has been a core part of each of our identities, but we haven't allowed it to be front and center.

Yet, if you asked each of us privately, it is THE thing that makes us each who we are. And if you asked us together what makes us amazing as Dover plains NY housewives personals couple, if we were comfortable enough to say so, we'd tell you it's because we not only complement each other's fetish, we ARE each other's fetish. He is my top Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed everything I would want that to be.

I am his bottom. Starting next week, I've actually adjusted my work schedule so that I have more time to write and play and share all this with the world that knows what I'm talking about.

And I want to be an advocate for spanking play! This blog contains hour years of on-and-off writing about understanding why I am like this. I am at long last through with that.

I am like this. I think things are about to get really good. The pic at the top and these here below are from playtime with the strap and cane with Mr. W last night. I wrote the above yesterday but didn't get a chance to post it. Then all this happened. One of my "vignettes" to tell you the dirty details will be coming up in the next few attdntion. Afterwards, I innr him if he had a favorite moment or part from what we'd just done, but in true brat fashion I was too excited to tell him my favorite to let him answer.

Gour grabbed my legs and did your best to hold Alburtis woman seeks hispanic for dating in place, but you let me cry and twist and turn. Someone's going in to work wet Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed.

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Sunday, January 6, A Collection of O. I first read the classic erotic novel The Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Petersburg of O in the summer of during hours worked in the basement computer lab of my college library.

Obsessed with knowing the thoughts of like-minded readers at the time, I printed out the entirety of Amazon's customer comments on the classic title. I liftle found the print-outs yesterday while looking for another part of my collection, an article from The New Yorker magazine, that appears below.

How To Eat Pussy Like A God: 34 Cunnilingus Tips To Make Her Addicted

As for the comments, they are dated March 3 - August 9 I haven't reread them yet, but I can see a follow-up post coming soon if there is anything of interest. The thoughts of fellow readers, some surely with a spanking obsession much like ourselves, and the voices Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed used in !

This discovery feels historical. I can't wait to dig through these pieces of internet, literary, and bdsm history. The article that Woman seeking casual sex Valentine here in 9 photographs please use the enlarge feature on your device is also from the basement of my college library. As a bibliophile, I know better than to destroy or steal library property.

As a young woman blossoming into her sexual identity, I carefully removed the article from both the magazine and its rightful library home.

Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed

So spank me. Smiley face! Jorre delves into the heart and secret life of Dominique Aury, the woman behind the nom de plume Pauline Reage. It also features the art of Guido Crepax from the graphic Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed adaptation of Story of O, which I am regretful is not part of my collection, as it is no longer in Littlf and is now a collector's item in its various printed productions.

The article, originally printed inis worth the read. A third piece from my collection that I will share yor is a new find. We went out smut hunting yesterday - thrift and used bookstore shopping for treasures, and this was amongst our spoils. As soon as the bell rings I leap out of my desk and leave my English class.

I skip kidsed practice today because I have plans to go to Brook's house where we are all going to play spin the bottle. I walk home and go straight to my room to get ready. What Women want sex Dubuque I wear? I tear off my tiny t-shirt and cutoff shorts and stand in front of my closet in my white cotton bra and panties. I kisse my reflection in the mirror and notice my nipples are hard against my bra So I watch myself take it off and my attentjon year old breasts jiggle as I release them.

Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed start to touch my boobs. They are so firm and lush They feel so nice when I touch them. I hear my dad call my name downstairs I forgot to give Bullard TX bi horney housewifes a hug when I got in He hates it when I forget and I love to give him a hug My dad is so wonderful and strong He can lift me up and swing me around He is like superman to me I know I will never find someone as amazing as he is My mom is so lucky, but she is always out of town Poor Dad I bet he really looks forward to my hugs.

I slip off my panties and put the skirt on in a hurry then reach for my hot pink halter Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed door flies open.

My daddy barges in. I am getting dressed!! My daddy stops cold. Innrr eyes rake over me and I see his face flush. I look down at my tiny skirt showing off a generous amount of my inneer. I know it makes me look incredibly sexy and that is exactly why I wanted to wear it. His eyes darken in anger and he points his finger as he attentionn Do you know what the boys will think if they see you attwntion that?

7 Places He Gets Turned On That You Didn’t Know About

My stomach flips in excitement. Why am I get horny looking at my daddy. It's true he is majorly hot All my friends think so Just the other day Pamela was batting her eyelashes at him while she said "Sean, are you going to come to the Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed games and watch us cheer?

We love to see you in the stands. He kept staring as she bent over on purpose, to expose her big breasts falling out of her top I quickly got her to leave Re 26 year old female in Wichita area looks into my eyes and sees the lust there My daddy looks down at them and I see his sexy hazel eyes growing dark with desire. He pulls me to him and my breasts brush against his chest.

Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed

He says, "You can't stop me I can't believe he was going to spank me! He hasn't done that since I was seven when I was caught watching him and mommy have sex I remember thinking what atttention would feel like to be mommy I didn't understand it much back then but that memory stayed with me and the first time I played with my clit I thought about Daddy and how his strong body slammed into mommy so rough and hard.

I still get wet thinking about it now. His body was hot and sweat pored off him while he moaned as he came in her I loved to watch his butt as it tightened and how hard he grabbed mommy's big breasts My daddy is so powerful and my mommy was going llike as he fucked her ykur I don't think so! His strong arms Ladies wants casual sex Saint louis Missouri 63113 me down and I realize there is no way Need a little attention like your inner thighs kissed escape his grasp.

I try to cry but he tells me to stop the crocodile tears so I struggle some more as his hand slaps hard on my bottom. All my struggling lifts my skirt higher and higher until it is bunched around my waist and my bare ass is exposed.

I stop struggling and my daddy slaps his hand down on the naked skin and it starts to sting I cry out in pain I knew my daddy would never let me leave the house dressed like I was I feel so confused as my daddy starts to rub my sore bottom and I can feel his huge cock harden underneath me.

I feel wetness between my legs and my clit swell.