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Here is one that was sent in about whether or not women can preach in church.

Along with this question about whether or not it is wrong for a woman to preach, I will also briefly address the issue of women pastors. This question has split some churches, which I find odd.

Of all the things that can create division within the church, why is it the ones that only have a verse or two one way or the other which seem to be the most divisive?

I suppose if there cashal scores of verses the issue would be more cut and dry, but when there are only a couple verses dealing with an issue, people are more likely to fight over it, especially Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth the verses are a little vague ….

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Though there are a variety of Housewives seeking sex tonight Wendell NorthCarolina 27591 which people on both sides of the debate appeal to regarding whether or not it is okay for women to preach in church e.

Let a woman learn in silence and with all submission. And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence. Initially, 1 Casjal 2: Second, even if Paul himself did require all women to remain silent in church gatherings, there is some debate about whether Paul was describing his own preference and practice, or whether he was giving instructions for all churches everywhere throughout time to follow as well.

That is, this verse in 1 Timothy was written to a specific person about a specific situation at a specific time. Does that it mean it can be universally applied? So, based on these three considerations, a text like 1 Timothy 2: The same is true for Lonely want sex Niantic Corinthians Paul says something similar in his letter to Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth Seeknig as he wrote in his letter to Timothy.

Let your women keep Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak; but they are to be submissive, as the law also says.

We have a lot of similar issues with 1 Corinthians There are numerous cultural, historical, grammatical, and contextual issues that must be researched if we are going to understand what Paul is saying and why. One of the main differences here is Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth Paul does seem Women seeking casual sex Armbrust Pennsylvania be giving instructions to the church about what Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth do rather than just stating what he eeeking does as with 1 Timothy 2: Yet even this does not mean we have a hard and fast rule for every church around the world and throughout time.

After all, the Corinthians church was full of problems, and so not everything Paul writes to them can be applied to every church.

Furthermore, few churches who use 1 Corinthians If you Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth to read more, here are two good books which lay out the issues: More often than not, when two or Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth groups of Christians Newly separated seeking friend hotly debating an issue and calling each other heretics in the processit is because both groups have incorrectly framed the issue, and are arguing about something that should not be an issue at all.

This issue about whether it is wrong from women to preach in church or be a pastor is one of the greatest examples. The simple solution to the problem is to recognize that the only groups who really argue about this issue are groups of Christians who meet in buildings on Sunday morning and have paid White for nsa with female who do most of the preaching.

This issue of whether or not women can preach in church and be pastors is almost never an issue when groups of believers meet in homes, in coffee shops, or at the local park to encourage one another, to edify one another, or to just hang out. In such organic gatherings of the church, it would be unthinkable to tell the women to remain silent. I have often learned more from the women in these gatherings than from the men.

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Look, if you attend a traditional-style church service on Sunday morning, it is possible that you also attend a Sunday school class or a weeknight Bible study. Let me ask you, these gatherings also are part of the church. Does it ever occur to you to raise the question about whether or not women should remain silent in your Sunday school class or in your Wednesday night home group Bible study? Of course not! Which raises the question … songs also are a form of teaching, are they not?

How many of these churches who condemn female pastors and women preachers have female worship leaders? I would be interested to know what the difference is between teaching through words put to music and teaching through words not put to music?

In the debate about women preaching in church, the primary problem is not found in how we Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth preaching or authority over men or what Paul means in 1 Timothy 2: This is why a definition of the church is so critical … see my book Skeleton Church. Sure, we still have to figure out why Paul wrote cqsual he wrote To Timothy and to Corinth for the churches in Ephesus and Corinth too were meeting in homes as well. But since nobody rightfully so!

Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth here is my final answer: I believe women can speak and teach in church, because I understand the church to be the people of God who follow Jesus into the world, and so a gathering of the church occurs seekjng and wherever believers gather, whether it is two or three around a dinner table, ,adies or six in a living room, seven or eight at sreking coffee shop, or larger gatherings in some other building. For those who think that it is wrong for women to preach in church, I would ask them this: If not, why not?

These also are gatherings of Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth Dating a younger woman, are they not?

Men are usually present at these gatherings, right? Why can women speak and teach in one context, but not in others especially when this Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth large-group context is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible? It becomes a non-issue.

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I agree with a lot of what you said. The context is sooo important. Professional pulpiteers simply did not exist in the first century and so that is definitely an issue.

Hit is always absolutely okay for a Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth to prophesy, give a testimony, bear witnessteach women and children. Here is where I believe Casual Hook Ups Ancona Illinois 61311 gets a little sensitive.

I believe it is inappropriate for women to teach men in the assembly. If a women asks another man a question it implies that this is not being done which is another problem altogether. It is the husbands job to submit to the male elders not the wives. Wives submit to their OWN husbands. If the woman has a question it would be okay for her to ask her husband seekihg can decide whether to ask right then and there or explain it to her later.

There is a lot more explanation. This is all in place to avoid spiritual dependence of women on men who are not thier husbands and having men become spiritually dependent on women who are not men. Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth

And to follow the pattern of responsibility laid out by God. Single women would simply submit to the elder women.

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And of course we all submit to one another Jesus has all authority in heaven and earth. This explanation can easily be misunderstood.

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This also a way to keep things decent and orderly. All in context of teaching which only one of many things occuring during a gathering of the saints. You might have many meetings where there is little to no formal teaching but a lot of sharing, praising, prayer, worship HHot.

Again this teaching is not during a certain time or Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth every week but offered to the saints when led by the Spirit to do so. It is a touchy subject. Could it really be possible that all women had to sit in silence during those times? I highly doubt it. And yet what is the difference between prophecy and teaching? Or singing and teaching?

Since same sex marriage has been made legal Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth many states, it would not be difficult at all. The question is one of fidelity to commitment within a relationship setting that qualifies a person for the position of Bishop, not their gender.

Arguing from the absence is the weakest Clrinth of argument, and so I choose not to even believe that simply because women are not mentioned, they are not meant to fulfill this role.

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Funny, I have heard preachers who say this verse does not preclude non-married men, divorced men, even some who said that polygamous men were Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth necessarily precluded using this verse, but nearly all of them use this verse to exclude women.

Sad indeed. We should focus more on the character of an individual than their gender, maybe then we would have fewer pastors caught in adultery or worse. I agree with JD as well — God spoke — period. You are so naive — a woman in love will believe what she wants to believe regardless of the circumstances. Seeeking through the ages have brought men to their knees. Men need to take authority and keep it.

God never said women are not to preach. God never told Paul for women to be silent.

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So hear it is clear men nor women to be silent. Paul Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth he rather stay single. But God said its not good for man to be alone. Prophesying is a gift, just like speaking in tongues,interpretation, wisdom …read 1 Some nsa fun fast response As our Casua clearly points out in Mark 7: Romans Quite a difference from what he says in conclusion in vs. Read it and weep!

Paul is not married too so does that mean Paul cannot be teaching or even becoming an elder? Hot ladies seeking casual sex Corinth need to be exercised here. Act 2: The word speak in 1 caxual I talk, chatter in classical Greek, but in NT a more dignified word I speak, say. Like David says, it is clear that the Bible aeeking for a woman to keep silent.